IMA: World Champion in Massage 2021 winner Yupa Jiamsranoi, Thailand


She was Born 1990 in Wang Nam Khiao - Pak Thong Chai, Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand
Owner of Yupalux Thai Massage & Wellness in Straelen, Germany
Over 10 years experience in the Thai Traditional Massage Therapy

Yupa offers a professional thai wellness massage with an optional sauna module to alleviate physical ailments. The application can take up to 3 hours and requires a high degree of precision and skill to prevent further physical damages.

Since Yupa was a child, she gained wide experience while growing up with the Thai traditional medicine and Ayurveda treatments. Especially, as her's Father is a patient with Paralysis. The chance to train with different experienced professional Physical therapist gave her the opportunity to have insights about the various methods.

Certificated 2011, in the Vocational Training Center Minburi, Bangkok Thailand.
Field of profession: Aromatherapy & Oil massage