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As a unique therapeutic and traditional Thai wellness massage and spa provider, YupaLux has been a special outlet since its inception in 2015 to turn everyday routines into meaningful moments.

Experience pure Relaxation at YupaLux
Spacious massage studio, the perfect place for a "time out"

"I am so proud and grateful to represent this unique form of massage in combination with the fascinating and friendly Thai culture here in Germany"

Drawn in by the good reviews I booked a 2 hour Swedish massage with Yupa. She has a wonderful spa area in her house, which is nicely decorated and includes a shower and sauna. The treatment was superb! The long and slow strokes make you fall asleep in an instant. I understand she limits appointments to one day so that she can be fully dedicated to the customer and her craft. There is no rushing or working through a fixed program. She is one of those therapists that massages with the "heart" which is clearly felt by the recipient. Go treat yourself and find out what the buzz is about! I guarantee you will be positively surprised :)

Brutus P.

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